The Scale Clip

The app that gives you a competitive advantage. The Scale Clip gives you knowledge on how to create infectious melodies no matter the conditions. Access your creativity faster. In the studio, there is no room for excuses, time is money!

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    • Access over 150 scales and modes.
    • Never be stuck with instrumentation .
    • Identify unstable and stable tones within scales.
    • Communicate musically with other musicians.
    • Works with all samples and instruments.
    • Retrieve Parallel and Relative scales .
    • Complement your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).
    • Available for Mac OS X and Windows.
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

4.0 stars

Product Reviews

I didn't come from a musical background so my music theory was basic. This app helps guide me through my production process by keeping everything in key. Saves me a lot of time in sessions when I need to express a quick melody.

Review by Grand Skeem on 3/1/20

I usually play by ear. The Scale Clip gives me a quick way to access the options I need to create a production that makes sense. I am also able to better communicate production concepts with singers and other producers for collaboration.

Posted by DJ Epik on 7/1/21

The easy access to modes for each scale is perfect for when I want to step outside of comfort zone and experiment with different melodies. My production output and speed has increased because of this app too. This tool is a hidden gem.

Posted by A-1 Beatz on 8/15/21